About Us

7 Star Films: What to Offer?

7 Star Films Co Ltd is the most trusted pioneering film service company in Thailand. With enormous services to provide for film makers, the company offers wide range and full infrastructural provision that helps production crews carry less of the load when filming. Having studied the film industry for long time, 7 Star Films Co. vows to give its clients the unprecedented effort that aims success for every movie project they committed to.

Due to familiarity of locations and landscapes, 7 Star Films Co. offers Thailand’s best movie cinematography site that will give your movie an outstanding effect. The company offers hassle-free filming by providing options for location to shoot that will incorporate the theme and suited the script and storyboard. Film makers don’t need to assess the locations themselves but will review locations based on whatthe company suggests.

Why Do You Need 7 Star Films?

  • Location Scouting

    Starting from finding perfect filming sites that is suitedfor your movie theme or script like Thailand movie, 7Star Films provides different options to choose from different ideas and themes.

  • Permit


    One of the  most important requirements of filming abroad is securing permits from the different areas of government. Application of permits is needed in asking permission to do film within a certain area. 7 Star Film Co. provides clearances that’s needed before executing any recordings and any other activities.  Click here for more info.

  • Casts

    Not all international film makers can afford to bring all the possible casts to do a movie in Thailand unless they need to shoot for certain special areas. Most characters will evolve on the main casts of the story. 7 Start Films Co. provides the manpower of which they provide professional casting for your film. With the vast selection of talents, the company can also provide the best and excellent Casting directors that are already tested in Thai movie.

  • Accomodation and Transportation

    When filming overseas, the number one priority is the accommodation. Finding a place that is comfortable to the movie casts and crews is important. It is one way of taking care of the artists that will work for your movie. Transportation is vital in filming especially to the different spots of the country. Filming aThai movierequires frequent transfer from location to another in order to get a lot of scenes and angles that will make the movie perfect.

  • Food/Catering

    Catering is one of the vital requirements of choosing to film abroad. Even Thailand movie shooting requires food forcasts and crews.Catering is part of everyday’s life for taking good care of the people who works behind the project.

  • Security and Protection

    Filming in Asia needsto havea lot of security details and protection. Safety of the casts and crews isone of the most important to achieve everyday. Ensuring them to have a safe place to shoot and provide insurance on the equipment that is used in filming.

  • Production Office Set-up

    7 Star Films provides important details whilefilming in Thailand. Locations like legal assistance, translators and others should be arranged before starting to lay the equipment.