Thai Film Office Get Permission


Foreigners entering Thailand are not permitted to work, regardless of their type of visa, unless they are granted a work permit. Those who intend to work in Thailand must hold the correct type of visa to be eligible to apply for a work permit. For some specific jobs, to work in Thailand for a period not exceeding 15 days, a tourist visa or a non-immigrant is acceptable, for more than 15 days only a non-immigrant visa will be accepted. To obtain any visas, please contact a Royal Thai Embassy or a Consulate in your country for advice and recommendation


Work permits are required for foreign filmmakers for working more than 15 days. If less than 15 days, permission must be sought from the authorized office of the Department of Employment. Applications should be made at the Department of Employment. The local coordinator company may be able to submit the form on your behalf but power of attorney need to be granted. Please note that the crew needs to collect his/her work permit in person. To apply for work permit, a non-immigrant visa is needed. In other case a tourist visa is sufficient.


In case of working not exceeding 15 days.
Documents Required:

1. “WP 11” form.

2. One photograph (5×6 cm) taken within the last 6 months.

3. A copy of the applicant’s passport.

4. A copy of the company registration certificate.

5. Letter of Permission for filming issued by the Thailand Film Office.

6. Power of attorney granted by the applicant with an affixed 10 Baht duty stamp and copy of the grantee’s ID card (in case where the applicant is not able to submit their application in person).

In case of working more than 15 days
Documents Required:

1. “WP 2” form

2. Three photographs (5×6 cm) taken within the last 6 months.

3. An Employment Certificate (using the Department of Employment’s Form) which needs to be signed with the company seal affixed.

4. A letter from the Office of Tourism Development showing the foreigners’ name, position, passport number and Registration number of coordinator license.

5. A copy of the applicant’s passport (each copy must be signed by the applicant).

6. Medical Certificate

7. Power of Attorney granted by the applicant together with an affixed 10 Baht duty stamp and a copy of the grantee’s ID card (in case where the applicant is not able to apply in person).

8. “WP 10” form for notification of commencement of work together with Power of Attorney granted from the employer with an affixed 10 Baht duty stamp and a copy of grantee’s ID card and employer’s ID card.


Application Process

Production companies shooting TV commercials,   Documentaries, Music Videos and TV programs should apply for permission at the One-Stop-Service Center where the process of application will be completed within 3 working days. For other types of productions e.g. Feature Films, Docudramas, TV dramas, Mini-Series and Reality Show, applications should be made at the Thailand Film Office at least 14 days (10 working days) in advance as script approval must be sought from the Film Board.

Applying at the One-Stop-Servive Center

At the One-Stop-Service Center, you can obtain a shooting permit, permission to work, permission to film in National Parks (if needed), and permission to film in Historical Parks (if needed). The One-Stop Service application only applies to shoot lasting less than 15 calendar days, and it is not renewable.

Documents Required ( original and 6 copies of each )

1. A letter made by the assigned local coordinator, informing the Director-General of the Office of Tourism Development of the purpose of applying for a shooting permit.

2. An assignment letter made by the foreign filmmaker, showing they have chosen and hired a local coordinator.

3. An application form.

4. Supporting documents needed for permit consideration:

  • Storyboard for TV commercials
  • Treatment for documentaries
  • Theme (concept) and Lyrics for music videos
  • Details of content and objectives of program presentation for TV programs.

5. A schedule of filming in Thailand specifying exact dates and locations. (for all types of productions)

6. Name list, passport numbers, positions and arrival dates of foreign film crews.

Process for applying at the One-Step-Service Center

1. Complete general application form (SOP 1) regarding:

  • A shooting permit.
  • Work permits.
  • A permit from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, if shooting on the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation’s property.
  • A permit from the Fine Arts Department, if shooting on the Fine Arts Department’s property.

2. Complete additional forms from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation or the Fine Arts Department (where applicable).

3. All documents will be subjected to official to check. If documents are not complete, they will be returned to your local coordinator and they can be resubmitted after corrections have been made. Once the documents are complete, the case will be registered and the process of consideration is started.